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Originally established in 1986, El Greg, Inc. has been a family owned and operated frozen food manufacturing company specializing in ‘Enrobed” Pizza Pies and delicious Greek Specialty Foods for over 22 years. The company is located on the North side of Chicago, where it originally started out as a small Pizzeria. As success came to the pizza establishment we had developed in the past, the idea of providing a quality and time efficient product for many established fast food restaurants throughout the Chicagoland area came about. With this in mind, we developed a high quality, great tasting product that was affordable and profitable to the small restaurant owner. As thus, the Pizza Pie was discovered with a great success and aspiration. Through time, hard work and culinary expertise, utilizing some old family recipes the company developed into a full functioning frozen food manufacturing plant. El Greg later expanded its product line to include many Greek Specialties that were developed with the intention of creating items that have the highest quality ingredients, as well as the best tasting products available. The Greek specialty items include Spinach and Cheese Pies, a variety of Fillo Dough Appetizers, unique Country Style Rolls in Spinach and Cheese Flavors, and “Puff Pastry” Hors D’oeuvres items which are made from our Homemade Fillo Dough. Also now available is the delicious and all natural Mousakas and Pastitsio Casseroles found in foodservice and retail servings.El Greg, has been and will continue to manufacture products for foodservice, retail and private label markets. We are committed to developing new products in the frozen food industry, always with a focus on manufacturing and providing a high quality, consistent and great tasting products that all market segments will enjoy. All our products are produced in accordance with (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices, HAACP and USDA inspected. The team at El Greg is dedicated to satisfying each customer’s needs and market demands.

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We are committed to developing new products in the frozen food industry, with a focus on manufacturing and providing high quality, consistent and great tasting products that everyone will enjoy. We are looking for customers like you to help us continue to grow and provide our quality products throughout our state.

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El Greg is committed to our customer's satisfaction. We are always looking for ways to modify our products and offer new, delicious creations from our kitchen to you. Stay up to date on all our latest releases and information from El Greg!

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